YWCA offers financial support to women coming out of abusive situations

The YWCA of Saskatoon helps women escape domestic violence by providing financial assistance.

“One of the biggest reasons women can’t leave an abusive situation is because they just don’t have the funds to do so,” YWCA Saskatoon CEO Cara Bahr told CTV News.

“It can be very expensive to leave and set up a new safe home. “

The fund is called the National Emergency Survivor Support Fund and it is available at 12 YWCA locations across Canada.

“We try to help as many women as possible,” Bahr said.

According to Statistics Canada, Saskatchewan has one of the highest rates of family violence in Canada.

The YWCA started the fund because it saw a need, Bahr said.

“Last year, we refused 3,721 women and children. The majority of these people were facing violence and needed a place to go,” she said.

“That’s why this fund is so crucial to helping women and their children and keeping them safe.”

She said there are other supports at the YWCA as well, including the shelter and crisis residence.

“We shelter and provide a supportive and warm place for people to stabilize and flee violent situations and access the counseling and trauma supports they may need. »

Bahr said they also offer employment programs and daycare.

“There are many ways to help.”

She said all information about the program and how to apply can be found on the YWCA Saskatoon website, noting that it is a simple application process.

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