Who is eligible for the hotel sector financial support program and how it will work

Stormont ministers have agreed to a £ 40million support package for hotel companies affected by the new coronavirus restrictions.

The Northern Ireland executive announced this week that new regulations will be put in place after Christmas that will see nightclubs forced to close and the return of table service and social distancing.

He has now agreed to a £ 40million support package for businesses that will be affected by the restrictions, offering them a one-time Omicron hospitality payment.

Over 3,200 businesses will be eligible to access the program, with the grant based on their assessed value.

The amounts will be as follows:

  • £ 10,000 for businesses with a taxable value not exceeding £ 15,000
  • £ 15,000 for businesses with a taxable value between £ 15,001 and £ 51,000
  • £ 20,000 for businesses with a taxable value greater than £ 51,000

The Premier and Deputy Prime Minister said the executive recognizes the pressures the hospitality industry is facing and said the leave scheme urgently needs to be reintroduced.

Prime Minister Paul Givan said: “Businesses in the hospitality industry face enormous challenges at what is expected to be their busiest time of the year. Rising Omicron cases are leading to cancellations, as people understandably exercise caution.

“Recognizing that businesses in the hospitality industry are likely to struggle over the next few weeks, the executive is providing £ 40million in one-time support grants. “

Deputy Premier Michelle O’Neill said: “As an executive, we have listened to the industry and recognized the losses the industry is suffering. We hope that this package, which will pay out much larger sums than the British regime, will help them get through these difficult circumstances.

“As an executive, we will do all we can to support the hospitality industry as we fight this pandemic together. It is also essential that the Westminster government urgently reintroduces the workers’ leave scheme. “

Eligible businesses include; restaurants, cafes, cafes, bistros, snack bars, nightclubs, pubs, social clubs and private clubs (but not sports clubs).

Land & Property Services will contact eligible businesses directly during the week of January 10 to ask them to confirm that their details remain the same in order to allow payments.

Finance Minister Conor Murphy concluded: “Once again, land and property services within my ministry have stepped up to ensure support for businesses. These one-off grants of between £ 10,000 and £ 20,000 will provide much needed support to the industry. The Omicron hospitality payment builds on the nearly £ 1 billion support my department has provided to businesses here through tariff relief and Covid subsidies.

“We will continue to work throughout the Christmas season to get this new grant program up and running as quickly as possible. Further details will be released as soon as possible.

Program information and updates are available at: https://www.nibusinessinfo.co.uk/content/coronavirus-omicron-hospitality-payment

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