UK government provides financial safety net for Horizon Europe applicants

Successful applicants for Horizon Europe scholarships will be guaranteed funding regardless of the outcome of the UK’s efforts to partner with Horizon Europe, under a new program announced by the government today (29 November 2021).

Although the government’s priority remains association with Horizon Europe, as the UK and EU have agreed under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) Last year, persistent EU delays created uncertainty for UK-based researchers, businesses and innovators.

To reassure, the government guaranteed funding for the first wave of candidates eligible and selected for Horizon Europe, but who were unable to sign grant agreements with the EU.

Funding will be provided by UK Research and Innovation, who will publish more details on eligibility, scope and how to apply in the coming weeks.

Minister of Science, Research and Innovation George Freeman:

The Horizon program has been a vital source of scholarships and collaborations for UK researchers over the years, which is why the UK and the EU have agreed to the terms of UK participation in the program as part of the of the TCA. The EU’s persistent delays in formalizing our association create uncertainty in the sector and risk preventing valuable international collaboration on common global challenges, such as climate change.

We are committed to supporting the UK’s world-class research sector through international collaborations, and this safety net will give researchers and their partners the certainty they need to continue pursuing their project plans. and maintain world-class science.

UKRI International champion, Professor Christopher Smith:

We welcome the government’s decision to provide funds to those who have successfully applied to Horizon Europe and will finalize the necessary processes to distribute the funds in the coming weeks.

We are also working with the government to prepare for all possible outcomes to ensure that the UK’s thriving research and innovation sector has the support it needs to continue to collaborate and deliver top-notch R&D. world class.

In the meantime, we encourage UK researchers and innovators to continue applying for Horizon Europe open calls.

In December 2020, the UK and the EU signed a Joint Declaration on Participation in Union Programs and Access to Program Services, setting out the parties’ joint commitment to ensure that the UK is associates with agreed EU programs (Horizon Europe, Euratom R&T and Copernicus) at the first opportunity.

The guarantee announced today is a short-term measure intended to cover the first wave of calls until the EU formalizes the UK’s association, as agreed under the deal of trade and cooperation. The government remains committed to achieving this result so that research collaboration can continue, and we are ready to formalize our association.

As announced during the 2021 Spending Review, in the event that the UK is unable to partner with Horizon Europe, the allocated funding will instead go to UK government R&D programs, including those aimed at support international partnerships.

The government reviewed the practicalities of handling such a situation in 2020 and developed a detailed set of alternative plans, which included continued support for international research, collaboration in innovation, and support for research. national. This work is currently being updated and we remain ready to implement these plans if necessary.

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