UK financial support for Ukraine to dry up by end of year, Cabinet source says

FUK financial support to Ukraine is expected to dry up by the end of the year, according to an unnamed UK Ministry of Defense source.

Britain’s new prime minister will have to make significant financial contributions to Ukraine if aid is to continue flowing into the war-torn country next year, the Cabinet official has said. Told the Sunday time. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been a big supporter of Ukraine, but is expected to leave office next week.

“It means the new Prime Minister will very soon be faced with the question of whether to commit billions of pounds of extra support at a time when public finances are under intense pressure,” the source said. additional financial support from the UK to Ukraine.


Although support for Ukraine remains generally high in the UK, this support comes with strings attached. Support for new sanctions on Russia is halved if it means higher energy costs, with just 38% backing financial support, a YouGov survey of 1,714 adults in Britain conducted on June 8-9 with an unknown margin of error. This means that 45% of British respondents would oppose new sanctions in such a situation, almost six times as many. The other 17% of participants were undecided on the question.

Those “very” worried about the conflict have been halved since February, with just 22% saying they were “very” worried in June, again hinting at waning interest in the war. Inflation and wartime fuel price spikes are likely to further increase opposition to financial support.

Workers drain water from a crater created by an explosion that damaged a residential building after a Russian attack in Sloviansk, Ukraine, Sunday August 28, 2022.

Leo Correa/AP

Notably, 44% of Britons would support more sanctions on Russia even if it led to a fuel shortage, while just 38% would oppose it. The number splits, 42% to 42%, when asked if they would continue to support sanctions against Russia if it resulted in an increase in the cost of living.


Johnson traveled to Kyiv on Ukraine’s Independence Day to reaffirm Britain’s support for the beleaguered country. Despite urging UK citizens to ‘endure’ rising energy costs and claiming that Western unity and support for Ukraine are ‘growing’, there are growing reports showing a marked decline in the support among Western countries, the BBC Noted.

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