The scholarship provides financial support for mental health services

Badge 713 Mental Health Fellowship launched as mental health needs grow locally

The scholarship provides financial support for mental health services

CEDAR RAPIDS – A mental health provider in Cedar Rapids has launched a scholarship in honor of first responders to help community members access mental health care.

The Badge 713 Mental Health Scholarship Fund was created in partnership with Covenant Family Solutions and retailer Honor and Respect de Marion to honor public servants by providing funds to pay for mental health services that community members could not afford. other.

Although the scholarship was established in the name of a local first responder and veteran, officials say funds are available for anyone who needs help accessing services from Covenant Family Solutions, the provider of Cedar Rapids Mental Health Services.

“The purpose of people who serve in public service is to aid and benefit the community. This scholarship is an extension of that effort,” said Jacob Christenson, CEO of Covenant Family Solutions. “It is not only to help those who are first responders is to help those they help.”

Jacob Christenson, CEO of Covenant Family Solutions

The fund has raised $1,800 so far, which includes an initial donation from the Mental Health Badge 713 Scholarship Fund and Honor and Respect, officials said. The retailer will also donate funds through a portion of its store’s proceeds.

The funds can be used to cover the cost of one dose of therapy, which varies between eight and 12 sessions. Christenson said it can help those who have insurance but may not be able to afford the cost of weekly copayments.

The scholarship comes as the need for mental health services has skyrocketed in Iowa and the rest of the United States amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Christenson said providers have seen high levels of anxiety and depression among area residents.

“One of the biggest predictors of a mental health issue is trauma, and as a society we’ve been through a traumatic event on a national scale,” Christenson said. “No one has really escaped it.”

The scholarship was founded by Amanda Langfitt and her family in honor of her late husband, who they say dedicated his life to community service as a member of the military and later as a police officer in the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

“My husband has dedicated his life to serving and saving the lives of others,” Langfitt said in a statement. “It fills me with hope and pride to know that his legacy will live on as he continues to serve the community through this scholarship by helping others to help prevent the same tragedy that cost him his life.”

Langfitt and her family created the scholarship to help those who want to access mental health services but cannot due to cost, she said.

“Nobody should have to choose between putting food on the table or getting help,” Langfitt said. “We hope this scholarship will change that reality for members of the community.”

Community needs will ultimately determine how many people will benefit from this scholarship, Christenson said.

Officials are accepting donations for the Badge 713 Mental Health Fellowship. Donations can be made directly through Venmo at @badge713, or submitted to

To access the fund, individuals must apply on the Covenant Family Solutions website at They can also contact Covenant Family Solutions for more information at (319) 200-5166.

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