The County of Lethbridge provided financial support for the Municipal Internship Program


The County of Lethbridge provided financial support for the Municipal Internship Program

By Jaxon McGinn

Journalist Local Journalism Initiative

Sunny South News

The County of Lethbridge is seeking council assistance in hosting a municipal intern under the finance component of the municipal internship program. This will be an opportunity to train another financial professional within the city administration and provide an additional staff resource for the county. The intern will build on their university degree through on-the-job training and hands-on, productive experiences in local government here in Lethbridge County.

This program is made possible through grants from the Alberta Community Partnership Program (ACP).

“We believe that the financial incentive and the concept of training young professionals that you know would be of benefit to the County of Lethbridge as part of this municipal internship program. The financial impact of this program comes with a grant of $ 60,000, it is an eighteen month commitment that we would make, so there is an expense on the county to be able to supplement this salary, ”said Dana Johnson , human resources manager.

Johnson added that if the county chooses not to participate in the municipal internship program in 2022, it will remove the possibility of developing future talent in local government and hiring an additional resource to work with the county for 18 months.

The program is a partnership between participating municipal organizations and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. It provides support to municipalities and planning service organizations to build the capacity of the municipal sector by training recent post-secondary graduates to become future leaders in municipal government.

Local government is not always on the minds of young graduates. This is an opportunity to bring a university graduate into local government, which will be beneficial for the growth of the next set of future leaders in municipal government.

A municipal intern will serve as an additional staff resource to support the county in financial and special projects slated for 2022. The growth of talent in the municipal sector will help ensure that the next wave of local graduates view government as a career path.

Com. Mark Sayers had brought forward the motion based on the recommendation that council support Lethbridge County and its request to hold an interim town hall meeting starting in 2022. All councilors were in favor of the motion that Sayer had brought forward on October 28. The county will budget $ 30,000. to cover the accommodation costs of this trainee. This will go a long way to assist the county in carrying out some long-standing projects.


Jaxon McGinn, Local Journalism Initiative reporter, Sunny South News

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