Support Financial Literacy Services This Tuesday Donate With The 99 Foundation


Marques Cormier from Fondation 99 joined Studio 512 co-host Stephanie Gilbert to talk about the association, what it does and how you can make a difference on Giving Tuesday.

“Giving Tuesday may surprise you this year. This happens on November 30 instead of December. If you are looking to give back to your community, The 99 Foundation seeks help from the community to expand financial services to 99%.

“Foundation 99 is an Austin, Texas-based 501 (c) (3) organization that does critical financial education work with low to moderate income earners. The association’s mission is to bridge the growing wealth gap between the richest 1% of earners and the remaining 99% through financial literacy services to employees in school districts and organizations.

“Founded in 2019, Foundation 99 focuses on economic justice for every community by providing quality financial advice and equitable access to cost-effective solutions for every employee who wants it. The financial services industry has historically ignored minorities and low to moderate income people. Typically, financial services advisers work on commission, which basically means clients pay for the advice. This commission creates a barrier to access to solid financial recommendations and planning services for those who need them most.

“Thanks to donations from the community, the 99 Foundation is able to equip the 99% with the tools and support necessary to participate fully in the great economic system by creating coherent financial habits to make better decisions for employees, their families and their communities. To learn more about Foundation 99, visit or send an email to [email protected]

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