Study ranks Tennessee’s four largest cities poorly on personal and financial security | Tennessee

(The Center Square) – WalletHub personal finance website note the safest US cities and the four largest in Tennessee rank near the bottom.

Knoxville was the highest ranked city in Tennessee at 112th. Nashville was 121st. Chattanooga was 173rd, with Memphis 177th.

WalletHub, personal finance websiterated the nation’s 182 largest cities on 42 metrics, including COVID-19 vaccination rates, crime, vulnerability to natural disasters, per capita number of first responders (police, fire and emergency medical services) emergency) and financial security, which includes the unemployment rate, poverty rate and foreclosure rate.

Memphis was penalized by its 182nd ranking for financial security and the 173rd worst ranking for home and personal safety, but was helped a little by its No. 85 ranking for vulnerability to natural disasters. It was also tied with four other cities for the most road deaths per capita nationally, tied with four other cities for the number of assaults per capita, and was ranked last nationally for the percentage of households with personal emergency savings.

Chattanooga was two places worse than Memphis for home and personal security and ranked more vulnerable to natural disasters (109th) while having a poor ranking of 125th for financial security.

Nashville was ranked 122nd for personal safety, 115th for natural disaster risk and 77th for financial safety.

Knoxville is No. 118 for personal safety, 78th for national disaster risk and 135th for its financial safety score.

Keith Boeckelman is a professor of political science at Western Illinois University. He says community policing, a practice where law enforcement officers walk instead of ride in a car, can increase public confidence.

“In this model, the police are seen less as a crime responder and more as a community resource. They are in the community, get to know residents, business people, etc., and understand their problems,” Boeckelman said. “This model can improve response time to crimes, as well as prevent them in some cases.

“Representation is also important because community policing will work best when the police are like the neighborhoods they patrol.”

St. Louis was ranked the least safe city in the country in the analysis. Also at the bottom were Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; San Bernardino, California; Detroit; and Baton Rouge, La.

Columbia, Md. was rated the safest city in the United States, along with Nashua, NH; Laredo, Texas; Portland, Maine; and Warwick, RI completing the top five.

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