Proposed changes to the COVID financial support program provide for an increase and earlier payments for the entire lockdown


Australians who lose their jobs due to COVID-19 lockdowns will be able to access cash payments during the entire stay-at-home period, under a new federal government proposal.

Currently, only people who have been blocked for at least seven days can request payments.

Also under the proposal, upfront payments of up to $ 500 for those losing more than 20 hours per week will increase to $ 600.

Payouts of $ 375 – versus $ 325 – will be offered to those who lose less than 20 hours per week.

“Payments for a COVID support payment would still be paid in the second week of a pandemic. They would be paid mostly in arrears during those first seven days, ”Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Thursday.

This follows an announcement this week from Morrison that payments of $ 600 and $ 375 will be made available to Sydney residents on lockdown.

Morrison will make any changes to the current COVID-19 disaster payment to National Cabinet on Friday.

A deserted street in central Sydney. Credit: PA

It would also remove the requirement for payment recipients to have less than $ 10,000 in liquid assets.

“The thing about COVID-19 is especially with the new Delta strain, like I’ve said a number of times, it writes the rules,” Morrison said.

“And the rules that you think are appropriate once need to change sometimes, to make sure we keep pace and people are supported during the COVID pandemic. “

Thursday’s announcements precede an expected instant lockdown from Melbourne.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison.  Image file.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Image file. Credit: PAA

Victorian ministers and public health officials are said to be holding meetings to discuss the length of the lockdown.

It would be the fifth time that the Victorians have been plunged into containment.

In New South Wales, where 65 new local cases were detected, residents of the Sydney City, Bayside, Canada Bay, Inner West, Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Local Council areas were able to claim the new payment of 600 $ Thursday.

The rest of Greater Sydney may request the premium payment on Monday.

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