OKFB Ag PAC issues additional endorsements and financial support for candidates in upcoming elections

The Oklahoma Farm Bureau Ag PAC endorsed four additional candidates and added $29,900 in financial support for candidates ahead of the Aug. 23 runoff election.

Headlining the new endorsers is Markwayne Mullin, candidate for Senator Jim Inhofe’s unexpired seat in the United States Senate. Mullin takes on TW Shannon in the next second round.

Additional new endorsements by the OKFB Ag PAC include Dell Curbs for House District 26, Trey Caldwell for House District 63 and Jon Echols for House District 90.

The Ag PAC provided additional financial support to Darcy Jech, who received an endorsement from the Ag PAC ahead of the primary elections in June. Jech will face Brady Butler in the Oklahoma Senate District 26 race in the August election runoff.

The Ag PAC has provided additional financial support to four previously backed candidates for their respective second-round races, including Todd Russ for state treasurer, Kim David for corporations commissioner, Leslie Osborn for labor commissioner and Collin Duel for House District 31.

The PAC also provided new financial support to four candidates for the State Senate and 13 candidates for the State House of Representatives.

State Senate candidates receiving financial support include Ally Seifried*, SD 2; Tom Woods*, DS4; Kristen Thompson, DS22; and John Michael Montgomery, DS 32.

State House candidates receiving financial support include Bob Ed Culver, HD 4; Steve Bashore, HD 7; John Pfeiffer, HD 38; Denise Crosswhite Hader, HD 41; Jay Steagall, HD 43; Kendra Wesson, HD 46; Nick Archer, HD 55; Rande Worthen, HD 64; Eric Roberts, HD 83; Tammy West, HD 84; Cyndi Munson, HD 85; Max Wolfley, HD 95; and Marilyn Stark, HD 100.

The OKFB Ag PAC board will meet after the August 23 run-off primaries to discuss further support for candidates ahead of the November 8 general election.

To view a full list of approved and backed candidates, visit okfb.news/vote22.

The PAC is funded by voluntary contributions from OKFB members. To make a contribution to the OKFB Ag PAC and strengthen your voice on Election Day, contact the OKFB Public Policy Department at (405) 523-2300**.

*Candidate appearing in the second round of primaries on August 23

** Contributions or gifts to the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Ag PAC are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.

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