Manchester CAZ financial support program to launch next week – AirQualityNews

Greater Manchester’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) financial support program will launch next week.

The first round of funding will support registered heavy truck drivers from smaller businesses, independent traders and the voluntary sector.

Financial support will be available in the form of a flat-rate grant, a vehicle financing contribution or a combination of the two.

It is hoped that the launch of funding in December will give drivers the maximum time to apply, ahead of the Clean Air Zone launch in May.

Contracts have been signed with Hampshire Trust Bank and Haydock Finance, RCI Financial Services and Shire Leasing designating them as financial providers of the financial support program. Work is also underway to create a network of accredited dealers who can supply replacement vehicles that meet Clean Air Zone emissions standards.

Vehicle owners can answer a series of simple questions at to find out if they will be eligible for financial assistance.

Financing for Greater Manchester licensed private rental vehicles (PHVs) and horse-drawn carriages, coaches, minibuses and vans (LGVs) will also be launched at the end of January 2022.

These vehicle owners will receive letters from early 2022 advising them of exemptions and available financial support.

Greater Manchester Cleaner Air Officer Cllr Andrew Western said: “We want to help as many affected vehicle owners as possible to switch to cleaner vehicles so they don’t have to pay daily costs. , and I encourage people to use the online checker to see if they are affected and to learn more about their options.

“While the zone is due to launch on May 30, 2022, there will be temporary local exemptions in place. These will give owners of vans, minibuses and taxis and licensed private rental vehicles in Greater Manchester, as well as coach operators whose vehicles are not used on registered bus services, more than time to upgrade their vehicle without having to pay to drive in the area until June 1, 2023. ‘

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham added: ‘Since the national government mandated Greater Manchester to introduce a Clean Air Zone, we have been working to get as much financial support as possible for vehicle owners. concerned. I urge people to use the online verification tool to find out if they are affected.

“I want to encourage heavy truck owners to take advantage of what’s available and apply as early as possible. The ultimate goal here is for all affected owners to avoid a daily load and move to vehicles that are greener, cleaner and much cheaper to operate.

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