Lynwood Unified School District receives $250 million in financial support from state lawmakers to restore Lynwood High School’s Imperial Campus

Unprecedented approval of $250 million Victory Budget to provide much-needed facilities for local students The announcement was made at a special press conference in Lynwood today

LYNWOOD, Calif., July 8, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After months of advocating for the academic success of current and future Lynwood students, Lynwood Unified School District leaders have confirmed $250 million in financial support to restore Lynwood High School’s Imperial Campus and return to Lynwood Unified School District again, all thanks to the attention and advocacy of local state legislators. At today’s press conference, hosted by Lynwood representatives and featuring the California Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, state lawmakers and members of Congress, the community of Lynwood celebrated this win, which will bring back a vital secondary campus that Lynwood youth desperately need. . These approved funds will help rebuild and fully restore a high-quality campus for the Lynwood community, as well as address consequential damage to the district.

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Left to right: Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon; Jennie Carreon, deputy superintendent of public instruction; Alfonso Morales, Chairman of the Board of LUSD; Dr. Gudiel Crosthwaite, superintendent, Lynwood Unified School District; Denisse Ortiz, Lynwood High School student, class of 2022; and Senator Lena Gonzalez. (Photo: BusinessWire)

In recent months, the school district leadership led by Mr. Alfonso Morales, president of the school board; Ms. Maria Lopez, board member of Lynwood Unified School; Dr. Gudiel Crosthwaite, superintendent; Gregory Fromm, assistant superintendent of business services; and Jahmal Corner, public information officer, held multiple meetings with the offices of three senators and seven Assembly members in Sacramento to advocate for action following construction failures that led to the collapse of a building in June 2020.

Following district efforts and working with state lawmakers, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, along with Assemblyman Mike Gipson and Senator Lena Gonzalez, earmarked $250 million to the Lynwood Unified School District, confirming their commitment to serving the thousands of Lynwood students who are in desperate need of an adequate campus to succeed academically.

“Lynwood was in dire need due to a catastrophic circumstance,” said President Rendon. “I am extremely pleased that we have had the opportunity to provide funding to meet this need. Either way, students at Lynwood Schools would be the ones who would suffer had the state not intervened. I am grateful that I could play an important role in budgeting so that we can ensure that these students have a high quality facility in the future.”

“This is a huge victory for the students and families of Lynwood. When tragedy struck and the building collapsed on the Imperial Campus of Lynwood High School, faculty, staff, administrators, members of the school board and community moved quickly to make facilities available for learning,” said Member of the Gipson Assembly. “I was proud to stand with President Rendon, my legislative colleagues, and Lynwood Unified School District leaders who successfully advocated for this key allocation to restore the educational environment our students deserve. was the right thing to do, and I’m glad we did.”

“I am thrilled to share that the state will help directly fund the reconstruction of Lynwood High School. The community of Lynwood has suffered tremendously from the loss of the Lynwood High School campus, and these students deserve immediate and adequate school facilities that ensure a safe, healthy and welcoming environment for learning. I stand firmly with our community, educators and students at Lynwood in championing this unique financial commitment; and I look forward to seeing this project come to fruition as soon as possible. as possible,” said Senator Gonzalez.

“Lynwood Unified will be celebrating a return to the castle, thanks to a united effort from our state representatives. The LUSD Board of Directors traveled to our state capital and rang the bell asking for assistance from the following an internal investigation, and the State of California has responded,” said Lynwood Unified School Board Chairman, Alfonso Morales, Esq.

“We are extremely grateful for the urgent attention and leadership shown by our elected officials who are paving the way for us to ensure the educational environment Lynwood students deserve,” Gudiel R. Crosthwaite, Lynwood Unified Superintendent said. “We know our leaders believe, as we do, that all students deserve an equitable education that should never be compromised by the environment. We thank them for being allies in doing good for our students.”

The 2020 building collapse, which fortunately occurred during the school’s pandemic closure and did not physically harm anyone, occurred due to major construction and structural shortcuts according to the findings. from the DSA after the incident – ​​discovered during an inspection of the state-built 24-year-old campus.

The fallout left a deep impact on the community as a whole. With campus buildings at Lynwood High School deemed unsafe, the district quickly allowed another temporary site for the high school last August. The Lynwood Middle School campus on Bullis Road has been redeveloped and equipped with 47 temporary classrooms to accommodate approximately 1,900 secondary school students. This change triggered the relocation of junior and primary students, resulting in the loss of more than 400 students who did not re-enroll this school year.

From a financial perspective, the emergency cleaning, inspections and updates to multiple campuses have taken vital funds away from other needed improvements at schools in the district. “We are confident that the approved budget will help us create the change we need in our schools,” said Gregory Fromm, Assistant Superintendent of LUSD Business Services. “We look forward to receiving these funds to begin construction immediately.”

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