Latest Cashroom Integrations Provide Transparent Financial Support to Law Firms


Latest Cashroom Integrations Provide Transparent Financial Support to Law Firms

The leading expert in Outsourced Legal Accounting, Cash and Compliance has partnered with four Popular Practice Management Systems (PMS) to provide transparent legal accounting support to UK businesses.

Cashroom announced new integrations with Clio, Denovo, Klyant, and very soon LEAP, which are among the smartest legal technology systems in the country, helping to shape the digital future of law firms.

Cashroom believes that a business should be able to choose from the best services and technologies. Their systems-agnostic approach means they can support all major systems, with industry-leading legal accounting services, allowing businesses to choose more modern practice management systems, often cloud-based. Cashroom continues to remain system independent, without a single system alliance, and instead performs all legal accounting through the best system for the law firm.

With direct access to the platforms chosen by companies through the Cashroom portal, outsourced specialists can offer assistance with legal cash, management accounts, statutory accounts and tax returns, payroll and credit control.

Cashroom Product Development Manager Paul O’Day said: “This is an exciting development and we have been working hard for several months. Law firms can now benefit from the ultimate efficiency in legal accounting with a solution that seamlessly connects between their PMS and our Cashroom portal.

The cashiers and legal accountants of the fund continue to support any system you choose. The funds are really independent of the system. To provide the most secure, efficient and compliant service to any law firm, they use technology to enable their expert service.

We take the headache out of compliance, supporting businesses as they grow and ensuring the sustainability of their operations in what is rapidly becoming a digitally driven industry.

Paul continued, “The automation between Cashroom and your PMS has the power to revolutionize the way finance drives your legal business forward. In today’s climate of disruption and daily change, this can mean the difference between success and collapse.

For more information on how Cashroom’s services and integrations could help your law firm continue to complain about attorney accounting rules, reduce risk, and practice more efficiently, visit www.thecashroom.

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