Hotel companies can apply for new Covid financial support from later this week

Hotel businesses such as pubs and restaurants will be able to apply for financial aid under a revised government program from later this week with payment starting next week.

Ministry of Finance officials are currently working with Revenue to create an updated Covid Restriction Support Program (CRSS) that will include hotel businesses.

Previously, only businesses closed due to restrictions could benefit from the program, but they will be changed to support businesses that are still open but still restricted.

The updated scheme is expected to be announced on Wednesday or Thursday and open for applications later in the week.

Businesses will then receive support from next week.

The government is also working on “targeted” support for the performing arts sector.

Culture Minister Catherine Martin has secured more than 25 million euros to set up a separate program to keep the venues open even though they have to operate at a capacity of 50pc.

The new program will address the “immediate” challenges facing venues and support live performances in the New Year.

A source close to the minister said there would be a “suite of measures” for the hard-hit sector and would involve expanding some of the programs already in place, as well as support in place locally and for seasonal artists.

The Taoiseach said yesterday they did not want concerts and events to be canceled due to new restrictions.

Micheál Martin said there is a need for “targeted” support.

“We don’t want people to take a financial hit for organizing concerts and events,” Martin said.

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