Government investigates politicians, businesses and NGOs for “financial support” to rebels


Artemio Dumlao ( – August 4, 2021 – 12:20 p.m.

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines – The government is snooping on members of Congress, governors, vice-governors and even former senators who it says provide financial support to Communist guerrillas.

Government agencies are also investigating companies and international non-governmental organizations that have also allegedly donated money to the rebels.

Alex Paul Monteagudo, director general of the National Intelligence Coordination Agency, said this week that the government “is currently reviewing those who have supported the [Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army], including politicians. “

Claiming he could not give names while investigations were ongoing, Monteagudo claimed politicians had either given weapons like M16 rifles or rice to NPA rebels, especially during election times.

NICA claims that the communist rebels “collected 5.8 billion pesos from 2016 to 2018 just to fund their terrorist activities in the country and to support the lavish lifestyle of their leaders.”

He said the government is also examining how 87 companies also allegedly gave rebels money in the form of a tax.

“We will run after them. We will hold them accountable,” said the head of the NICA, referring to the anti-terrorism law and the law on the prevention and suppression of the financing of terrorism.

PRC: government tries to intimidate companies, politicians

But the CPP criticized NTF-ELCAC for “setting the stage for its campaign of extortion and intimidation of business enterprises and politicians”, saying the supposed government list is similar to the “narco-lists” used by authorities.

“NTF-ELCAC mocks the Filipino people by citing supposed reports from the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency as the basis for their plans. its leader, Alex Paul Monteagudo. It is the same officer who is behind the recent unfounded warning against a union of state employees in the Senate, ”said Marco Valbuena, spokesperson for the Central Committee of the CPP, in a statement. communicated.

“Since taking power, Duterte has used every tactic possible to extort money from big businessmen by threatening or hitting their operations with charges of tax evasion and other methods,” he said. he declared.

Valbuena said that by claiming that the CPP-NPA has raised billions, “[Monteagudo] inadvertently said is that the CPP / NPA remains strong and able to exercise its authority to raise taxes, contrary to persistent claims by the NTF-ELCAC that the support and strength of the revolutionary forces is waning. “

NGOs under investigation

The government said it was also investigating 18 international nongovernmental organizations that allegedly gave money to the CPP-NPA through “project proposals making false pleas to their allied organizations and party list groups. “.

Lawyer Emmet Manantan, deputy director and head of the Anti-Money Laundering Council’s Financial Crime Investigation Group, claimed donations ranged from millions of euros to thousands of dollars.

Manantan said the board was able to trace transactions when the donation amount reached the AMLC threshold. He said the government was able to identify the countries where the money came from, the banks where the donations came from and the people who withdrew the money.

He claimed that those identified as having withdrawn the money have since become AMLC witnesses.

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