Extending the financial safety net for Horizon Europe applicants

The government announced today (15 March 2022) an extension to the support provided to Horizon Europe applicants launched in November 2021. This ensures that eligible UK applicants who are successful in the grants will continue to receive guaranteed funding.

The guarantee will now be in place for the awards which are expected to be signed by the end of December 2022, while efforts continue to partner with Horizon Europe, as the UK and EU agreed in the under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) last year. The UK is ready to formalize its association with Horizon Europe as soon as possible, but continued EU delays have led to uncertainty for UK-based researchers, companies and innovators and their consortium partners through Europe.

Funding will continue to be provided through UK Research and Innovation, and details of the scope and terms of the warranty extension will soon be available on their website.

Minister of Science, Research and Innovation, George Freeman:

Since becoming Science Minister last year, my priority has been to support UK world-class researchers, which is why we have been so determined in our efforts to partner with Horizon Europe.

While it is disappointing that our association is still blocked by the EU, our plans to develop ambitious alternative measures are on track and I am pleased that Horizon Europe applicants in the UK can still access funding thanks to our guarantee, which means that researchers will be well supported regardless of the outcome.

In December 2020, the UK and the EU signed a joint statement on participation in EU programs and access to program services, setting out the parties’ shared commitment to the UK associates with agreed EU programs (Horizon Europe, Euratom R&T and Copernicus) at the earliest opportunity.

As agreed under the trade and cooperation agreement, the government remains committed to formalizing the association. However, the UK cannot wait forever to finalize our association and we are actively developing a bold and ambitious program of alternative measures, including continued support for international research, innovation collaboration and research national.

Further details on our alternative plans will be presented shortly.

Read today’s ministerial letter announcing the extension.

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