Elderly people deprived of financial support

Around 2 million people aged 65 and over live in poverty in the UK, and many are struggling with the growing cost of living crisis.

Research from the University of Manchester has informed campaigns by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Center of Aging and the Department for Work and Pensions to increase uptake of benefits such as Pension Credit, which many older people are entitled to.

Pension credit is a supplementary payment for low-income elderly people who do not receive a full pension. The pension credit gives them extra money to help cover their living expenses.

One of the study participants commented, “The pension credit helped me cover many costs, including food, clothing, and bedding… I was a stagehand and waitress, but I don’t get not full board.”

However, about a third of older people who qualify for Pension Credit do not claim it. The main reasons include lack of awareness, the complexity of the application process and the fact that some seniors are unwilling to admit they are struggling.

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