Ecolytiq empowers the financial sector with carbon removal solutions

Managing their own banking and investment operations is one of the key solutions to the climate change crisis that every individual can contribute to. German company ecolytiq aims to help banks, fintechs and other financial service providers show their customers their impact on the environment.

The company offers a Sustainability-as-a-Service® solution that enables financial institutions to show their customers their environmental footprint, personalized impact offset, and environmental, social and governance investments.

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Its Sustainability-as-a-Service® product suite includes ecoAware – showing environmental footprint visibility, ecoEngage – guiding customers on reducing emissions through research-driven content sent to their online banking app, and ecoAction – helping people offset their carbon footprint and teaching how to use their money sustainably.

One of ecolytiq’s goals is to enable consumers to reduce their own long-term impact. It does this by providing appropriate content and tailored impact offset offers from selected and certified organizations, available through their carbon marketplaces.

The company’s solution was also created to scale rapidly, as the world needs exponential catalysts for climate action. The software is available either as a single, on-premise SaaS API service or through its Open Banking partners and processors. The white label solution offered by the company eliminates the need for integration with banks.

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The issue of climate change is a global problem and as such requires immediate action on many fronts. The financial sector plays a major role in helping people understand the impact of their financial decisions on emissions and could provide them with the support they need to take action.

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