Delhi woman murders her mother for threatening to cut financial support and arrests her

The police always suspected the girl because she kept changing her statement. (Representative)

New Delhi:

In the Madangir murder case where an elderly woman was killed, Devyani (24), the victim’s daughter, confessed to the crime and said she killed her mother because she threatened to disinherit her of their ancestral property, Delhi police said on Monday.

Earlier, Delhi police learned that a 55-year-old woman was murdered on Sunday.

Police revealed that Devyani was still their prime suspect as she kept changing her statement and was ambiguous in recounting the sequence of events, even though she was present at the scene during the incident.

Police further added that they found no signs of a disturbance in their room. “Furthermore, there was a deep, sharp wound on the deceased’s neck and a lot of blood was splattered on the sheet as well as other clothes on the bed but no drop of blood was found at the scene.” , Delhi police said.

According to the police, Devyani revealed that she, along with Kartik Chauhan, son of Sanjay Chauhan and resident of C-1368, Tigri, killed his mother and tried to give her a flight color.

The police further added that the accused, Devyani, was married to Chetan from Greater Noida and also had a four-year-old son. But soon after the marriage, Defendant Devyani left her husband and began to have a relationship with Shibu, a resident of Block No. 4, Dakshinpuri.

“The deceased was not happy with this relationship and wanted Devyani to break off her relationship with Shibu and start living with her husband Chetan,” Delhi police added.

Delhi police revealed that the main reason for her mother’s murder was property. “The deceased was threatening the accused to disown her share of ownership and even stopped helping her financially. The accused then hatched a plan to kill her mother and implicated Kartik who is also a friend of Shibu,” police said.

Delhi Police also revealed that Devyani had mixed her mother and maternal uncle’s tea, namely Sanjay’s tea, with sleeping pills. When both lost their senses, Devyani called Kartik who then killed the deceased by slitting her throat with a surgical blade and throwing her out the window. Thereafter, Devyani gave her mother’s jewelry and money to Kartik who fled from the place.

Both defendants were arrested and jewelry, cash and surgical blades used in the crime were seized from the defendants base.

Further investigation is underway.

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