County government tackles coronavirus with new financial ‘safety net’ | Local News


Property taxes would increase slightly under the plan, from $ 59.9 million to $ 60.7 million, although an expanded tax base would reduce the tax rate from $ 3.36 to $ 3.21 per $ 1,000 of property value.

Ingersoll said that while she has yet to study the budget in detail, she is confident Walworth County can avoid any major issues with the coronavirus crisis slowing some revenue streams.

Ingersoll noted that the county enjoyed a stable financial position for many years before the public health crisis created disruption.

“We’re ahead of the game in a lot of ways,” she said. “And we will work to stay that way. “

According to a county tax analysis, the coronavirus has directly or indirectly affected county government revenue from many different sources. The county staff report forecast a combined total loss of $ 2.3 million for the fiscal year, which ends Dec.31.

The biggest impact is in health and social services, where declining county nursing home admissions are expected to cost the county $ 510,000, as well as an additional $ 433,000 in losses in others. health programs.

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Sales tax revenue is expected to fall by $ 270,000 due to reduced consumer spending, although Luberda said he has seen recent signs of improvement in this area.

Other shortfalls include $ 230,000 at the court office due to reduced court activity; $ 266,000 in the county sheriff’s office with fewer parolees because part of the facility was closed; and $ 15,000 in the county clerk’s office due to fewer people applying for marriage licenses.

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