Corporate Financial Solutions offers insolvency services to accountants to help them achieve the best outcome for their clients

Nottingham, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chartered, independent insolvency practitioners, Corporate Financial Solutions, are committed to using their expertise to help accountants find a targeted solution to their clients’ financial difficulties.

Headquartered in Nottingham but with offices in London and the Midlands, Corporate Financial Solutions has used its experience of working with a range of business sectors across the UK, to help hundreds of individuals and d companies facing financial pressures.

Why choose CSA?

Corporate Financial Solutions’ insolvency services for accountants are designed to ease the burden when dealing with a client who has a range of financial issues, by providing professional assistance when dealing with all aspects of restructuring financial and formal insolvency options.

Fully accredited by leading organizations in the industry, Corporate Financial Solutions offers a range of services to ensure a high quality, customer-focused and reliable service.

Some of these services include:

  • Corporate Financial Solutions is licensed to handle corporate liquidations, administrations and insolvency proceedings.
  • Having a professional team of insolvency practitioners in Nottingham, London and the Midlands who have worked with businesses in different sectors and have experience in major international insolvency practices.
  • They take the time to understand your business and are committed to finding positive solutions to your financial challenges.
  • Corporate Financial Solutions offers a free, no-obligation consultation to allow you time to make up your mind before committing to their service.
  • Their team is able to meet with you wherever is most convenient for you to discuss and strategize next steps for your business.
  • Have a very flexible approach to charges and never charge until they have agreed with you what those charges are likely to be and until they have been formally incurred.

What to expect

Corporate Financial Solutions employ a team of dedicated UK insolvency practitioners who will try to save your business, and the sooner you seek professional advice the better the outcome.

Although the work of an insolvency practitioner is varied and depends mainly on the type of case he is working on, there is a summary of the key points that must be covered during each assignment:

  • It is imperative to understand what your business does, what market it operates in, its work history and the reasons for its current financial difficulties.
  • Address the possibility of rescuing your company or business by introducing restructuring (which may be within existing management or through sale to an independent third party).
  • Consider exactly what the business owns and the value of the assets – this will be completed by an independent appraiser the practitioner has worked with or is familiar with.
  • Analyze the workforce – this is especially important if your company or business is to be considered for negotiation through the administration.
  • Liaise with all secured lenders to ensure they are satisfied with the involvement of an insolvency practitioner and the proposed strategy.
  • If your company or business is in a more serious financial situation and you need protection from creditors threatening legal action or liquidation petitions, the insolvency practitioner will discuss with you the next available options.

In the event that your company or business cannot be saved, then you will have the utmost support from the insolvency practitioner who will oversee the process of organizing shareholder and creditor meetings to put your business into liquidation.

More information

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