China to improve financial assistance for people with disabilities


China will further improve its dynamic mechanism to adjust the level of financial support for people with disabilities, a teleconference said on Wednesday.

The improved mechanism will better reflect the socio-economic status and financial capacity of local areas, as well as the demand of people with disabilities for daily living and long-term nursing care, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Human Rights teleconference said. Finance, and the Chinese Federation of People with Disabilities.

The three authorities stipulated that living standard allowances for people with disabilities in financial difficulty should be commensurate with the daily living costs of local people with disabilities and the additional expenses resulting from their disability. The level of nursing subsidies for people with severe disabilities compared to the local expenditure of people with disabilities on nursing products and services should also be commensurate.

In 2016, China established and implemented the system of granting living allowances for people with disabilities in financial difficulty and nursing allowances for people with severe disabilities.

By the second quarter of this year, the two categories of financial support had covered 11.98 million and 14.81 million people respectively, the teleconference said.

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