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With the impact of COVID-19, recent increases in gas prices and the removal of the £ 20 increase in universal credit, Bedford Borough Council encourages local residents to check what support they are entitled to.

The board website brings together the different forms of local and national support that are available to people facing financial pressures at the moment.

Help available includes municipal tax assistance where lower income residents of the Borough of Bedford can get help lowering their municipal tax bills.

If your situation has changed and you think you are eligible for tax assistance from the council, information is available on this subject. Web page.

This web page also has information on how to apply for universal credit and the eligibility criteria for free school meals.

The Council also provides more immediate financial support through hardship aid and crisis grants, to help people overcome an emergency or crisis if they have low incomes and are receiving an eligible benefit.

Councilor Michael Headley, portfolio holder for finance and wellness, said:

“These are tough times for those affected by the impact of COVID-19, the rise in gas prices as winter approaches and the removal of the £ 20 markup for those on universal credit.

“I want to make sure that everyone can find out about the help and support available and would encourage people to check out the web page.”

Information can be found here.

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