Back-to-school financial support is available. Here’s how to get it

While children across the country might be thrilled to finally get back to school this year, parents are less enthusiastic about the costs and expenses that inevitably come with it.

But today’s finance expert, Effie Zahos, says there are financial support programs and other resources available to families.

She says some of these support packages are already available and just look at what’s out there.

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Back-to-school fees can add up. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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“In Queensland there is a textbook allowance, a resource allowance of $136 between grades 7 and 10 and up to $295 for grades 11 and 12,” Effie told Today.

“It’s automatically paid to your school if you haven’t signed up for their resource program, then you’ll get it straight away.

“In the ACT you have to be low income with a Centrelink or a health card for it – so it differs from state to state.”

In South Australia, income limits apply to this offer and it is available from Monday.

Effie says that for a family with three children, the savings can exceed $1,000.

“It’s quite expensive – you send a child to public school, if you start kindergarten this year, you need about $80,000 to get them through the system,” Effie says.

Back-to-school financial support
Back-to-school financial support

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Effie says other expenses can escalate, including a new laptop or textbooks that you haven’t budgeted for, but you should try to avoid using a credit card or high-interest loan to cover them. .

“You can get an interest-free loan of up to $1,500 if it’s for education,” she says.

“It’s really very generous, but you have to meet the eligibility criteria.”

Effie says there are decent sports vouchers available for active kids and there is also something called a match savings program for other school-related expenses.

“You enter a 10-week savings program — if you hit your goal — they’ll match your savings up to $500,” she says.

“Again, they are just for educational purposes.”

Back-to-school financial support

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