All about microcredit.


Microcredits are small loans granted in highly targeted cases, whether for a business creation or certain situations aimed at improving or maintaining the standard of living of individuals.

Microcredit, to be lent small sums of money

Microcredit, to be lent small sums of money

Microcredit has appeared in France and more widely in Europe, to finance the poorest in their projects, those who do not have access to conventional banking services. Several laws now favor Microcredit and the development of solidarity finance.

Get a credit to the RSA and credit for bank bans solidarity credit of the ADIE and helps the unemployed to start a business, a professor of economics, became Nobel Prize. It is a form of credit, for small sums, granted to people who are usually excluded from the conventional credit system, because they do not present the necessary guarantees to obtain a loan: too poor, too old, too sick And so on.

More and more, Microcredit is developing in developing countries, where they allow the poorest to invest in their own activity and so out of misery, to take charge rather than wait for any help, rather than waiting for the charity of rich countries. This particular finance is very much helped by Islamic finance, more adapted to the populations of Muslim countries: only the reality of the field can succeed in microfinance, which sometimes explains rates that would seem prohibitive in the eyes of a European, or restrictions weird religious if we are not practicing muslim.

Microcredit has also made its appearance in France, where it helps people excluded from normal credit. Initially, Microcredit from rich countries is mainly aimed at helping individual entrepreneurial initiatives in southern countries, for example with the Babyloan tinyfinance institution. It is only recently that Microcredit has also appeared for poor French people. It is a new form of socially responsible credit (yes that should be), which is increasingly used in France, and which allows many people to invest in their own job, to create themselves their sources of income.

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People who are excluded from the normal bank credit system have several aids, whether state or specialized. The credit can get you money without having to do charity, so to speak, because you will pay off your debt and owe nothing to anyone. It’s not the same as asking the social worker for help from CAF without giving anything back the allocs who also give specific credits to help families.

When we talk about credit support, we are mainly talking about Microcredit, a loan of small sums allowing someone who does not normally lend money, for example an unemployed person, to finance a remunerated activity, such as creation. of his own job.

There is also aid for already existing companies, deployed by the State. The mediator of credit is one of the most emblematic and visible aid, to resolve conflicts between a client and a banking institution.