Additional financial support of €310,000 from the state for the island’s print media in 2022

State financial support for the island’s print media is on the way now that the House Finance Committee has released additional funding of €310,000.

This was reported by Philenews on Tuesday, adding that the state budget includes a total amount of €500,000 for print media. And that the amount of €310,000 which had been crossed out last December was released on Monday to cover 2022.

This is the De Minimis payment system to support print media. The beneficiaries of the plan are newspapers circulating daily or weekly throughout Cyprus, as well as press distribution agencies.

A Finance Ministry official told MPs that the print media support program is likely to continue into 2023 as well. And he then informed them of the amounts allocated during the previous two years.

In 2020, five newspapers and a distribution agency received a total amount of €240,000. Specifically, the press distribution agency Kronos received €40,000, the daily Phileleftheros €66,000, Politis €54,000, Cyprus Mail €40,000, Alithia €28,000 and Kathimerini €22,000.

In 2021, the financial support amounted to €255,000 and was allocated to six newspapers and a press distribution agency.

Specifically, the Kronos agency received €40,000, Phileleftheros €64,000, Politis €40,000, Cyprus Mail €35,000, Haravgi €33,000, Alithia €26,000 and Kathimerini €17,000.

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