A loan with a discount for communion

May is the month of Communion. This is not only an important event for the whole family, but also a considerable expense that significantly strains the household budget. We are aware of this and therefore we have prepared a special promotion on this occasion – the first loan for PLN 0, and the next with discounts.

The day of the First Holy Communion is an important event for every child – that’s why parents and the whole family do everything to make it a beautiful memory. At such a special time, concern for our financial situation can effectively spoil a sublime mood, so it’s worth eliminating it. We come to the aid – we have prepared a special promotion that will help to repair the home budget and find a place in it for all expenses related to communion.


A loan for communion for PLN 0 – especially for new customers!


If this is your first time planning to take out a loan, you can do it completely for free. We offer the first free loan up to PLN 2,000 for 30 days. This means that you give back exactly the amount you borrowed – provided you repay it on time. The first loan for PLN 0 is not charged with any additional costs, the APRC is 0%.

If we are a guest at a First Communion party – the amount of PLN 2,000 will allow us to buy an unforgettable gift, regardless of our relationship. It’s a great way to make your child happy! If you need financial support for another purpose, you can also count on us!


First communion discount for regular customers – 40% or more …

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We do not forget about our regular customers – we have also prepared a discount for communion expenses for them. The loan discount reaches as much as 40% and even more in this case. The discount that we have prepared especially for our loyal customers is available in the Customer Profile, visible after logging in to our website. With each subsequent loan, you can apply for an increasing amount, even up to PLN 8,000 thousand.